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Who Are We?

Our history

Started in 2014

Paverscape Pros, LLC opened in 2014, a woman owned company. The owner, Izzy, fell in love with designing and installing pavers to help improve homes for Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Bringing a homeowner's vision to life quickly became a passion.

Taking a Chance

As a woman owned company in the construction industry, not many people gave Paverscape Pros a chance, at first. Once Izzy collected a few jobs, word was quickly spread about her attention to detail, workmanship, and customer service. Work quickly began to pick up.

Paverscape Pros Today

Today, Paverscape Pros is a five-star rated company doing roughly 15 projects per month. We service all of Jacksonville and the surrounding counties. As work continues to grow, it does not take away from the vision, workmanship, or attention to detail that led to where we are today.

We speciaize in paver installation and outdoor creations.


Our team

Izabel "Izzy" Oliveira


Gary Rogers

Sales Manager


Best Outdoor Creations

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